I am a very [adjective] Mask

This is my spiffy new site, generated by Cobalt. I guess I'll be using it more like a blog from here on out. That's the plan for now, at least. I'll probably split off some stuff into its own pages if I go into enough depth.

General warning: Crude and salty language sometimes gets used casually, and subjects or forms of expression some find either tasteless or outright offensive can come up without any forewarning. I'm not going to plaster content warnings on everything, so you're on your own as to that. If you're bothered by a bit of sex talk or other rantings of crude old men, find more tasteful sites to browse. Trust me, you weren't likely to have much interest in what I say, anyway. I do try to keep things on the light side, though. Just, you know, I have bad days and a tendency to ruminate and get a bit salty about things, too. Basically, don't take what I say too seriously.


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I don't do social media or anything, so your only bet is to either find me in the usual THP-connected places or drop me an e-mail. The address is fluffy mask (smash those together) [at] tekitou [dot] moe. If you don't know how to parse that, I'm afraid I can't help you.